Hi Everyone,

For those of you who tried contacting me via text message, or voicemail. My sincerest apologies that I wasn't able to return your messages. My phone had died and I lost everything.


The office will be closed from 

December 24th and Reopening January 4th.

All messages will be returned on the 4th.

Happy Holiday's!!


Pain Relief • Relaxation • Injuries • Wellness

We so often spend our lives running from one place to another, that we forget to take time for ourselves. We put our health and wellness last; when we should be making ourselves a priority. There are way too many people living with constant stress, pain, injuries, and imbalances in their bodies that inhibit their daily routines. Massage Therapy provides much-needed respite and healing so clients can better manage the pace of their lives. The client's experience in an environment that is relaxed, and rejuvenating for physical, and emotional well-being. Massage therapy puts you on the path to a healthy and balanced life.

Specializing in working with clients struggling with injuries and pain since 2002, Anne-Marie has helped to restore balance & health and assist them in getting back to life the way it was meant to be lived, pain-free. Furthermore, Anne-Marie brings a wealth of knowledge to each of her sessions for those clients looking to relax and seek good health through regular massage sessions. Because sometimes all you want is just a really great massage.